How is cancer formed

Cancer and Anything You Need to Know about It

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How is cancer formed? We can say that cancer is a condition when the abnormal cells grow and develop uncontrollably along with their ability to penetrate and destroy normal body tissues. Cancer, on the other hand, is able to spread by itself throughout the body. According to the fact, cancer is the second-leading death cause in the world. However, the rate of cancer survivors gets higher and higher. Knowing cancer earlier would allow the sufferers to get treatments sooner.

Symptoms of cancer

Signs and symptoms appear on one’s body due to cancer could vary according to the affected body parts. Some general symptoms and signs due to or associated with cancer may include things we will state below. Speaking about “how is cancer formed”, you may want to find out the signs in the first place. Considering all of them can be felt and noticed, you better see a doctor once you notice one or two things below appear on your body.

  • Tiredness;
  • Thickening or lump in a body part that can be felt under the skin;
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain;
  • Skin changes, changes to existing moles, never-ending sores, or darkening skin;
  • Changing habits in bowel and bladder activities;
  • Persistent cough along with trouble breathing;
  • Hard to swallow;
  • Hoarseness;
  • Discomfort sensation after eating or persistent indigestion;
  • Muscle or joint pain with no reason;
  • Unexplained fevers and night sweats;
  • Unexplained bruising and bleeding.

When to see a doctor

As we have mentioned earlier, it is important to call a doctor as soon as possible if you found one or more signs above appear on your body. There is no such a silly question when it comes to health concerns. So, if you are worried about the risk of cancer you have, then it is better to discuss it with a professional. If necessary, you can ask for cancer screening tests and further procedures.

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Causes of cancer

Generally speaking, cancer is caused by mutations on the DNA that occur within cells. The DNA inside the cell is wrapped into a big number of individual genes. Each of them contains a series of commands telling the cell every function to perform such as how to grow, divide, and spread. If errors in the commands occur, it would cause the cells to stop from how they are supposed to function. In the end, the cells could become cancerous.

Gene mutations tasks

Gene mutations command healthy cells to do various things such as rapid growth, fail on stopping uncontrolled cell growth, and they will make mistakes when repairing the errors on the DNA. The rapid growth will allow the bad cells to copy each other so it got so many in numbers. When the growth has become uncontrolled, the cancer cells will not stop and even continue to grow bigger and copy their numbers. Once the DNA wants to repair the error genes, the cancer cells will prevent it to happen and make them become even more cancerous.

Gene mutation causes

Mutations happen for many reasons. A few of them might be with you since you are born. This thing is called an inherited genetic mutation. If your parents have this condition, you have a small chance to bring it along with you since you were born.

Another cause occurs after birth which is not inherited. Some types of lifestyles may promote this condition such as radiation, lack of exercise, obesity, chronic inflammation, hormones, carcinogens chemicals, viruses, and smoking. Gene mutations occur during the growth of a normal cell. However, if the errors were detected earlier, the DNA could repair the mistakes faster. When the mistakes are missed, it could form cancerous cells.

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Risk factors

Basically, doctors, experts, and professionals have formed an idea about things that could increase one’s risk of cancer. However, the majority of cancers happen in the human’s body have not risk factors at all. Generally, risk factors include:

Your age

Cancer takes decades to develop even though in some cases the youth could get hit by it too. Mostly, people are diagnosed with cancer when they are over 50. Still, cancer can be diagnosed anytime no matter what your age is.

Your lifestyle

Your habits and lifestyles also affect how your body would get. Some choices could increase your risk of cancer. Staying away from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages might help. Also, do not get too much exposure to the sun and stay in shape in order to put a distance between you and cancer. If you are into many-sex-partners then it is better to stay safe.

Family history

As we have mentioned earlier, cancerous cells can be inherited even though the chance is really small. If your family has cancer and it becomes common then the mutation can be passed across the generation. You may need to take some screening tests for cancer as early as possible to find out if you have the mutation or not. But it does not mean that you have cancer even if you are inheriting genetic mutations from your parents. Still, hustling now is better than sorry later.

Health conditions and environments

Certain health conditions may increase your risk especially if you have ulcerative colitis. On the other hand, the environment also plays a role especially if it contains harmful chemicals. For example, a secondhand smoker has a higher risk factor than the smokers themselves. Chemicals released by your appliances or in your workplace could lead to cancer as well.

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Basically, there is no exact way to prevent cancer. However, doctors have identified a few ways to reduce the risk factors after all. If you are a smoker then it is better to quit now and if you do not smoke then you better not start. Sun exposure is needed by your body but you cannot expose your body with it for too long. Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body and cells inside your body to stay in their good condition. A healthy weight is established for reasons and if your weight is getting out of hand then you may need to consult with a nutritionist. And this is the end section of “how is cancer formed”.

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