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Doctor-It-Yourself: Two Most Definite Symptoms if You Are Pregnant

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Getting pregnant is one of the most wonderful things to ever happen to the world (provided it is done on the consent of both sides), but do you know of the most occurring symptoms if you are pregnant? These symptoms are symptoms that will definitely show themselves up if you ever got yourself knocked up. If you experience one of these two symptoms (or you experience both of them at the same time), there is a high chance that you are already pregnant.

What are the two symptoms that we are talking about?

Swollen, leaking breasts

Unless you are already well-endowed in the breast area, then you WILL notice the sudden change in your breast. When a woman gets pregnant, her breast will swell and it will naturally get bigger. It would not grow as big as those women who got plastic surgeries, but there will be a noticeable change with your breast as you get pregnant.

The root of the change itself can be attributed to a change in your hormones. As you get pregnant, the hormones in your body will change and it will, in turn, change your body. Your breast is just one of those areas that will change when your hormones are acting up, so you should not be afraid if you experience a change in your body when you are pregnant.

While this swelling is not a harmful thing to have (it is very natural, in fact), it can hurt you a bit. Not as hurtful as getting cut or anything, but you will feel a bit of discomfort as your boobs swell and get bigger. You might also experience a bit of breast milk leaking on the nipple side, but that is as natural as having your boobies change. The only bad thing that can come from the leak is a wet bra, and unless your breast spurts blood, you have nothing to be afraid about.

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The reason why we put this on top of the list is because this is the definite symptoms that will show up if you got pregnant. Swollen, leaking breast is almost always caused by pregnancy, and while there are diseases that will make your breasts swell, the diseases are rarely encountered.

Missed / lack of period

The second most occurring symptoms we got is a missed period. If you missed your period, there is a high chance that you are already pregnant. Period comes because your eggs are not fertilized, after all, and if you missed your period, it might happen because someone had already popped your egg. If that is the case, you just then have to wait for the chick to come out.

We emphasized on ‘might’ here because there is a whole lot of reason why you can miss your period. Perhaps your body clock turned haywire because you use drugs that can shift the balance of your hormone. Perhaps you just did something traumatic to the eggs that it ‘melts’ too early and you did not notice it when it fell down. Either way, your period will not come out on its usual date.

Those two are the symptoms that, if you experience both at the same time, we believe are the symptoms that fill up your pregnancy-o’-metre up to 90%. In case you are wondering whether you are pregnant or not, check your body up for those two most definite symptoms if you are pregnant.

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