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Early Signs of Pregnancy: First Symptoms You might be Pregnant

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Do you see really early signs of pregnancy in your body? Well, many of them just seems like when you have not eaten for the whole day or when you feel unwell. Even though you miss a period, there might be a chance that you are not pregnant. So, how can you tell if you are pregnant? Well, in this article, we are going to show you several things you may want to know or find out if you are pregnant at a very early stage.

Tender and swollen breasts

Tender and swollen breasts might be also the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome. However, this symptom also presents on the really early signs of pregnancy. This condition will happen two weeks after the conception. And, of course, this is caused by hormonal changes. You might also feel that your breasts get heavier or fuller. Another thing that you need to take a look is that if the areola got darkened.

Tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue is another early sign and symptoms of pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, the progesterone level is soared. If your body has a high level of progesterone, it could lull you to sleep. However, a lower blood pressure, increased blood production, and lower blood sugar level could team up and jeopardize your energy during pregnancy, especially in a really early stage.

Bathroom schedule changes

When pregnancy comes to you, you may get some weird changes on your bathroom schedule. You may urinate more frequently than when you are not pregnant. Diabetes also gave people this kind of habit so it is better if you consult your doctor in the first place. Still, this habit is caused by the fluctuated progesterone level. Later, this hormone will lead to constipation. So, you better be ready for what signs that would come next.

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One or two weeks after the conception has succeeded, your uterus’ wall will get attached with the fertilized eggs. This activity may lead to abdominal cramps that may feel like the ones you feel during your menstrual period. The cramps that occur in early pregnancy are often mistaken for the beginning of the menstrual period. The cramps will get away with time. You can always consult your doctor once you feel something weird with your body especially if you have heavy bleeding as well.

Light bleeding

In the early stage of pregnancy, some women experienced light bleeding or spotting. This is caused by the light vaginal bleeding that may occur as late as two weeks after the conception. Basically, it should not cause any worrying condition except mild spotting on your underwear. Sometimes, this condition is also accompanied by mild abdominal cramps. However, if the cramps get worse or the bleeding is heavy, it is important to call your trusted professional.

In some cases, a milky discharge will also present along with the light bleeding. This condition is basically normal. Still, you may want to consult to a professional about the really early signs of pregnancy if you are experiencing ones.

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