Health Tips for Women Related to Cigarettes, Alcohol, and Drugs

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Health Tips for Women to Eradicate the Bad Effects of Using Addictive Substances

It is no secret that the terms of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are a chemical that has an addictive effect on its users. So, from that, every user of the three items is almost certainly not able to live without it.

Here, health tips for women package will be given to providing insight and knowledge to treat women in the world so that they do not fall into danger and the negative effects of smoking, alcohol, and drugs that can provide various kinds of disorders on the side of physical and mental health.

Before we prepare ourselves how to avoid the temptations that come from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, it’s good to first examine the dangers that might surely arise from the use of these three chemicals below.

  • Negative effects of using cigarettes
  1. Lung cancer
  2. Heart disease
  3. Throat cancer
  4. Oral/mouth cancer
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Chronic bronchitis
  • Negative effects of using alcohol
  1. Disturbance of central nervous systems
  2. Possibilities of paralysis
  3. Liver organ and cells damaged
  4. Stomach and digestive system damage
  • Negative effects of using drugs
  1. Respiratory systems disorder
  2. Brain and central nervous system damage
  3. Heart and blood circulation abnormalities
  4. Stomach and digestive system disorders
  5. Poisoning to the vital organs
  6. Blood vessels damage
  7. Less endurance
  8. Losing enthusiasm for study and work
  9. Forgetful, blurred mind
  10. Restlessness, suspicious, irritability, nervousness
  11. Easily desperate and very quiet
  12. Unconsciousness and fainting
  13. Personality disturbances

After seeing so many negative effects caused by the user of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs, it is definitely imperative we equip ourselves with various activities and knowledge how to avoid these things so as not to damage the health and happiness of our lives.

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There are two main activities in eradicating these three types of chemicals.


  • Establish early communication about the danger of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs amongst family and education center
  • Focus on the positive side of the things in life
  • Give examples of good habits
  • Apply rules at home for everyone to maintain discipline
  • Create a family harmony to every family member
  • Face and deal with any problem arise quickly, effectively, and efficiency
  • Build an emotional bond between all family members
  • Give a real case of example which is a negative result of using these three items
  • Get to know the relationships of children
  • Embed religious values from the ​​early ages


There are two important things in the healing process, some are medical-related treatments and some are herbal use. For medical treatment, the healing process usually involves several health experts such as doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and a psychiatrist.

On the other hand, treatment can be supported by herbal treatments, usually by the method of yoga, meditation, the use of various traditional ingredients such as dates, dandelion tea, and coconut oil.

I hope this article is useful in providing health tips for women that can be well understood and carried out to get the perfect quality of life.

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