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4 Health Tips for Women to Make the Quality of Life Optimal

There are many things in this life that we must observe to get an optimal quality of life. On this occasion, I would like to talk about health tips for women in order to minimize unwanted living conditions. Why are women? Because many researchers say that the lives of women tend to be more vulnerable, fragile, and easily hurt by both physical and psychological conditions. Above all of this, since I want to dedicate this paper to women who are well aware or not have greatly contributed to the lives of future generations that we should give appreciation.

1. Always happy

That’s the key point to all aspects of life, be happy is one of the health tips for women which is often overlooked because we are entirely serious about taking care of things that drain energy and mind. The essence of happiness is to look at and respond to all the conditions we accept with a coping mechanism that prioritizes the positive side and takes lessons from all the forms of destiny we encounter.

And remember, never rely on others to make ourselves happy. Happy is definitely created by ourselves, it was not expected that its arrival would be anything else from someone else. Make ourselves happy with what we have. If we really cannot be happy with the wealth that exists, and it is not possible to be happy with vacationing abroad, make ourselves happy by visiting places around us which in fact only spend a small amount of money or not at all.

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Other than that, maximize the time that is as good as possible, because we will never know what we have right now will end soon. A simple example, love pets that we have because tomorrow we will never know; it may not with us anymore tomorrow. Likewise, with the people we love, love and treat them well, this will make us happy when we see them happy with us.

2. Maintain your own health

Other health tips for women that can be practiced for are maintaining and caring for our own health. Sometimes we are too busy taking care of the needs of the health of others until we are forgetting how to care for ourselves.

Things that can be done to maintain and care for health are:

  • Apply a healthy diet

Many people assume that diet is a point to lose weight. There is nothing wrong with that thought. But what is more precise than the definition of a diet is a pattern of a meal to get a balance of calorie needs with daily activities.

If we are an athlete, the amount of calorie that we need will be much different from an office lady who spends more time sitting at the computer. Well, if we are a woman, find out first, whether our body is proportional or not. Do we use the muscles more often for activities or not? So, a diet that matches us is surely individual, cannot be compared between one to another.

  • Regular exercise

Easy to say but hard to do. That’s what is called discipline. Often, we will diligently do exercise at certain times only, then easily become bored and forget. To maintain health, it helps us think for the future. What we do now we will feel maybe not at this time, but tomorrow, a month, a year or even 10 years later.

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Let us consider, many healthy mature women are due to their discipline to exercise since their youth. For example, most people affected by osteoporosis are people who are lazy to walk, people who are overweight are usually because they are lazy to do physical activity regularly.

  • Medical Examination

Never think that doing a health check is only for those in old age. Many studies have found a tendency that even young people cannot escape the threat of various types of diseases that must be watched out for. In addition to ensuring healthiness, medical check-up also serves to provide an alarm so that we are more careful in dealing with all forms of symptoms that may arise.

Sometimes health tips for women related to medical checks are forgotten in line with busyness and neglecting because there are no symptoms that are felt.

3. No cigarettes, no alcohol, no drugs

Believe me, by starting a healthy life, do a habit to always consume everything that is good for the body. No secret, no doubt, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs are the main causes of health problems. There are many things that can make health disturbance by consuming these three things. Starting from skin health, body metabolism and mind balance.

You might think once in a while enjoying life with such things is not a big deal. But remember; only a few percent cannot be addicted to these objects once trying it. Please realize, our health is far more valuable than just a second moment of pleasure from the cradle of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.

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4. Do hobbies that you like

Health tips for women in terms of pursuing and undergoing hobbies is the tip that I like the most. This is because I myself have experienced how much healthier my soul and body are when I have the opportunity to pursue a hobby that I like. Never underestimate the hobbies that we like, because that’s where one of our health resources comes from.

Hobbies can be likened to nutrients for plants. So, without it, the plants will go limp and slowly but surely will leave. Do hobbies that we like, we deserve to get them.

In this review, I just hope that some of the health tips for women above can be a guide and bring to our insight into the importance of our health. Anyone wants to live with an optimal quality of life. I hope what I discover can be useful for all of us and start to run a healthy life from now on. Congratulations on your health.

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