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Never Ignore the Symptoms after a Heart Attack

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Never ignore if you feel discomfort or unhealthy because it might be the symptoms of a serious disease. Even, a simple discomfort can be the symptoms of a heart attack. Because heart attack is a deadly disease, it is important for you to know the signs as well as the symptoms after a heart attack.

Common Heart Attack Symptoms

Mostly, heart attack attacks suddenly without any specific symptoms. This is the importance to know your own health condition and sensitive with your health changing. For example, you have to go to the doctor right away if you feel discomfort around the chest. Commonly, it feels pain on the right or left chest. The main cause of the chest pain is because of the blocked artery which stops the oxygen and blood supply. Besides feeling the pain, it seems there are pressure and tightness in your chest. Just imagine the discomfort condition if someone sits in your chest. That’s the sign that you might be suffered from a heart attack.

You also need to worry if you are suffered from stomachache, nausea, and heartburn. There is a report stated that some women are suffered from those symptoms before attacked by a heart attack. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all types of stomachaches are correlated with a heart attack. To make it sure, you can just go to the doctor and get the diagnosis.

Chest pain is not only the discomfort you will feel during a heart attack. There is also a possibility that you feel pain in your arm and the upper parts of your body including your back. So, don’t underestimate if you are suffered from arm pain without any specific reason because it might be the sign of a heart attack.

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A simple sign such as dizziness can also be the sign of a heart attack. Remember! Your arteries are blocked and it means the level of blood pressure has drooped. Because of this condition, your heart is not able to pump and it makes you feel dizzy. So, if you feel chest discomfort along with shortness of breath and dizzy, just ask your friends or family to call 911 or bring you to the doctor. There is a possibility that you are suffered from a heart attack.

The Condition After a Heart Attack

In case you are suffered from a heart attack, you also still have to know the symptoms after a heart attack. In this case, you are hospitalized for 3 to 5 days. A few hours after a heart attack, your condition is still unstable. Commonly, the doctor will analyze your condition between 24 to 48 hours and check the progress. During this condition, you might be sent to the Coronary Care Unit or CCU. This unit is designed for taking care of people with heart problems including heart attack. You will get intensive care in this room in which your heart will be monitored carefully. Besides monitoring your heart, the doctor will also check your blood sugar level. This is because some people have high blood sugar level after a heart attack. If your blood sugar level is high, the doctor will treat you with insulin to reduce the blood sugar level first.

You may also suffer from other serious conditions after a heart attack. The common condition is that your heart is unable to pump blood to your body. Commonly, there is also damage to your heart. In this condition, the doctor will take some medical procedures based on your condition. The doctor might take bypass surgery or even a heart transplant procedure to limit the fatal risk caused by a heart attack.

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You can also feel a simple symptom such as exhausted after a heart attack. It is a normal symptom because your heart works extra and it didn’t make it. The best way to treat this condition is getting enough rest. It is better not to accept too many guests so you can get enough rest to get your energy back. Then, you also need to eat some meals and it is an important thing to make your heart works well after a heart attack. In the earlier phase, it is better to a eat small portion of a meal. By eating a small portion of the meal, you let your heart works slowly after a heart attack. If you eat too much meal it means your heart works hard and it will be dangerous for your health.

After a few days, your doctor will keep monitoring your condition because you can be suffered from another heart attack. If it is not, you will be removed from the CCU to a treatment room. Your condition is more stable than before but the doctor still takes other medical tests to check your condition as well as to find out the best medical treatments you have to take.

In case you are suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol level, it means the doctor will focus on those health problems first. The doctor is trying to stabilize your blood pressure and cholesterol level first before continuing the medical treatment. If you show good health progress after the medical treatment, you can go home. The doctor will give advice about what you have to avoid and to do after a heart attack to prevent another heart attack.

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Home Treatment after a Heart Attack

Before leaving the hospital, the doctor gives you the information about the treatment you need to do. For example, you have to get a cardiac rehabilitation first. You still have to get rest at home along with some medicines you have to consume. The most important thing, you must consult your health progress to the doctor regularly. Don’t be afraid to share anything you feel during the home treatment. Let the doctor knows your condition so he or she is able to decide the further medical treatment you should take. You may start to do your daily activities only when the doctor approves you to do so. Just remember the signs of a heart attack as well as the symptoms after a heart attack so you can prevent it. At least, you are ready with the treatments if you are suffered from a heart attack.

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