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Pregnancy Watch: The Top Five Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

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Pregnancy can be a very confusing matter to guess, hence why we would like to convey to you the top five symptoms that you are pregnant. Getting to know if you are pregnant or not is, after all, just like trying to know whether or not you can guess the most rewarding box out of a reality game show. There will be a tell or two to help you make that decision, but even those tells can sometimes throw you off your path.

Although these ‘tells’ might throw you away from the prize, that does not mean you can entirely discount it. They might even lead you to the right path, winning you that most-wanted prize. The same can be said about pregnancy symptoms. The symptoms below are not symptoms that you can just wave away when you want to know your pregnancy. They are the ‘tells’ that have the highest percentage of indicating your pregnancy, and you can turn to them if you are curious.

With that in mind, what are those symptoms?

Farting, lots of it

Before you say that we are trying to use fart jokes to entice readers, let us just say that this is the truth. We are not trying to keep readers entertained by putting one of the worst types of jokes in the world, no. We want to tell you that constant farting is a great pregnancy tell.

This flatulence happens because of a hormonal change. Because your body got a hormonal imbalance, it will produce a lot of gas and it will be stored in your tummy. From here, you do know what happens to a person with a lot of gastro gas, right? They will fart, and they will fart again and again until their body can adapt to that hormonal change.

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A bloated stomach

The root of the farts we mentioned before. As you might have read from before, caused by hormonal changes within your body, which means it is safe provided it did not reach a level that causes you a great deal of pain.

Food cravings or aversion. Can also happen at the same time

This is one of the weirdest symptoms that can happen to you when you get pregnant. Nobody knows the real reason why you can suddenly crave for something while at the same time developing an aversion for a certain food item. Some researchers say that hormones did it while others say that it is psychological and is not caused by anything biologic at all.

Either way, you will experience this if you are pregnant. The things you can crave or be averse to can also be things considered odd by the human race. You might develop a craving for eating raw rice or, worse, burnt matches (look up a biological anomaly called ‘pica’ if you think we are joking).

Plumper, leakier breasts

Breasts do leak without a reason, and if yours leak while at the same time grow in size, bring the pregnancy test out and start peeing. Do not be surprised if the result shows positive.

Lastly, there is light spotting

Light spotting is an event where you can find light spots of blood in your menstrual pad. Light spotting, if accompanied by a missed period, can mean pregnancy. Not the most definite of the symptoms that you are pregnant because light spotting can be caused by a lot of things, but you should still keep an eye out for it.

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