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Simple and Delicious Menu for Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

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As a type 2 diabetes sufferer, you have to control your eating habit and the type of food you can eat. You are not allowed to eat foods which contain sugar because your body is unable to produce insulin. By selecting the best menu for type 2 diabetes, you can control your blood sugar level and keep your health. So, what kind of the best menu for those who are suffered from type 2 diabetes? Surprisingly, you can still eat delicious food.


You can eat delicious French toast for breakfast. Because you are suffered from type 2 diabetes, you need to choose ingredients which don’t boost your blood sugar level. Let say, you can use a whole grain toast along with cream cheese and fruits. The combination of strawberry and apricot is great and it makes your French toast more delicious. For those who want to consume something simple for breakfast, try to make a glass of fresh smoothie. Just blend some superfood ingredients such as blueberries, spinach, and unsweetened almond milk. That’s it! You have a healthy breakfast in only 5 minutes. The most important thing, the menu are safe enough for your blood sugar level.


There are also several healthy foods for lunch, especially the menu for type 2 diabetes. You may try to prepare a salmon salad. Salmon is a super fish because it is the source of Omega-3 fatty acids which is a good fat for your body. You can also eat something which can make you full such as spinach and tomato pasta. It is a must to choose whole grain or multigrain pasta and low sodium chicken broth to keep your blood sugar level under control. You can add the other healthy ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil, baby spinach, basil, chicken breast. Just add a little salt and parmesan cheese to give more flavor. You can also enjoy a bowl of carrot soup and butternut squash for lunch. This is a simple soup but it always makes you happy. You will get your energy back and ready to finish your jobs.

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Do you love to eat a burger? The good news, you can still eat your favorite food even you are suffered from type 2 diabetes. The secret is changing the unhealthy ingredients into a healthy one. For example, you can use grilled turkey to change the meat on the burger. You can also use whole grain bread for a healthier option. If you have shrimp in the refrigerator, you can cook delicious grilled shrimp skewer for dinner. You just need a few minutes to cook the shrimp so you can eat dinner right away to prevent the increase of blood sugar level.

The main point, just because you are a type 2 diabetes sufferer it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat something delicious. The menu for type 2 diabetes mentioned above is delicious and even you can eat your favorite dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without worrying your blood sugar level. The key is choosing the right ingredients which can’t boost the blood sugar level.

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