Stay Young and Healthy Forever with These Tips

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Getting older is natural but look older is terrible. As time passes by, age increases. Many people can’t accept aging, especially women. It makes sense. None wants to have an old face and bad health. In fact, becomes older is not as terrible as you think as long as you stay young and healthy. Is it possible? By following some tips on how to stay young and healthy, you are possible to beat the time for life.

Simple Ways to Be Young and Healthy

1. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the main key to stay young. A research conducted at Kentucky University found a fact that positive emotion at the early age will help him to eliminate anxiety and live a longer life. Stay getting rid of negative emotion and think positively by now. Positive thinking prevents your brain from stress and makes it relaxed.

2. Manage Stress

Stress can be caused by your own habit which is called as a reflective mindset. It is like worrying about future and regretting the past. This mindset affects your health. If it dominates your emotion, you will be stressed. To manage stress, the first things you can do are releasing yourself from damaging mindset and try to think simply. Mindfulness meditation technique can be useful to distinguish between cautious and worries. Worries are not reality, but a negative mindset you make.

3. Exercise

Health problem is one of the factors that trigger early aging. James M. Rippe, a founder of Rippe Lifestyle Institute states that elderly who has a healthy heart will be stronger and healthier than the youth who are not physically active. Therefore, it is important to provide time for physical exercise at least minutes every day.

4. Don’t Smoke

One of the mainstream tips on how to stay young and healthy is stop smoking. Smoking causes early aging. It makes your skin wrinkled more quickly. You will look older than your real age. Stay away from smoker and start your new life with healthier habits without smoke.

5. Eat in Controlled Portion

Many people go on the wrong diet to lose weight. It is true that eat less helps weight loss. But in fact, reducing calorie is not only important to lose weight. It will reduce thyroid hormone production. The lower level of thyroid will delay aging. Therefore, start a healthier diet by eating before feeling hungry and stop eating before feeling full.

6. Get Antioxidant

Antioxidant can neutralizes free radicals, reduce peroxide concentration, and repair damaged membrane due to oxidation. In addition to the main function, an antioxidant also works as cell regulator that promotes collagen production directly. Eat more fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and E, beans, and dark chocolate. Green tea is also rich in antioxidant. Drink 2 cups of green tea every day 2 hours after having meal.

7. Sleep Better

The last tip on how to stay young and healthy is improving your sleep quality. It doesn’t mean to longer your sleeping time. Keep your sleep quality. Don’t let your brain get stressed while you are sleeping. Turning the light off will help to stimulate your body producing melatonin hormone which is helpful to prevent your body cell from damage.

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