The Best Thing To Prevent Acne Easily

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Most of the people in the world may have a problem with their skin, especially teenagers in their puberty. Having acne is really annoying because they come and go easily but sometimes it’s really hard to prevent acne if they come back again. Some people may spend much money by prevent acne from various products. However, too much chemical contained products you put on your skin might be not good and even fatal for you. Chemical contained products increase the probabilities of getting cancer, especially skin cancer. Preventing skin from widespread of acne may difficult, but you should follow these tips to avoid chemical products which will be worst for your skin.

Here are some tips to prevent acne on your skin

Keep your face clean.

You have to remember that keeping the face from dust is not that easy, the face is the easiest way from bacteria to come and spread. If you do not wash your face periodically, the pore of your face will fill with dust that causes acne. Washing your face sounds easy, but you should consistently to do it every day. Washing your face three times a day would be good especially using warm water before you sleep, in the morning and in the evening. It depends on your activities. If you work in full-time AC room, you might not wash your face very often or more than three times.

Wash your pillow cover and towel regularly.

You may do not realize that the clean of your pillow cover could contribute to your face. Dirty pillow cover and towel can aid bacteria growth. It’s important to wash your pillow cover and towel every month to avoid the spreading of bacteria.

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Avoid touching face.

Your hands could be dangerous too when it comes to aid bacteria especially when your hands are dirty. If you put your hand to your face, the bacteria in our hand move to your skin, and if you do not wash your face immediately, the bacteria will stick to your pore that causes acne.

Eat healthily.

Food is the major factor that causes acne or a pimple on your face. If you often eat greasy food, or food containing the fatty acid, you will slightly get acne easily. You can reduce too much carbohydrate, sugar, dairy products, and eat more vegetable food. Drink a lot of water with the best proportion that keeps you hydrated and flushes out of your toxin. But remember, too much water is not good too.


Do simple exercise as long as you can. Doing exercise doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym. You simply do easy exercise in a daily routine like jogging or walking for 30 minutes.

Avoid stress.

Stress is the enemy of everyone that cause many diseases including acne. When you get stress, it will distract your brain and not easy for your brain to balance your body. If you have a problem, you can talk to your beloved or the person you trust to reduce your stress.

Avoiding acne is not merely about buying a high quality product. It’s also about how we change your lifestyle. A balanced diet will prevent acne more effective rather than putting so much chemical acne products to your face. So, why not tie the healthy way to prevent acne?

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