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The Best Way to Get Pregnant: Gourmet Edition

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You might have heard several ways that claim each of themselves to be the best way to get pregnant and you might get bored of reading them all. After all, most of them usually involve telling you to keep watch of your menstruation calendar and whatnots, right? A lot of them are often too technical, which can be a bit boring to read sometimes.

That is why we want to tell you how to get pregnant through one of the most desirable things in life: food. We want to tell you the foods that you and your significant other will need to eat if you want to easily get pregnant. We also shifted through the food items, bringing to you only the best food items that will definitely, undeniably, get you pregnant.

Without further ado, let us start with the first items on the list:

Nuts and beans, almost all of them in fact

First things first, nuts and beans. Nuts and beans consist of a lot of things, and almost all of them are safe for you to eat and will help you a lot if you are trying to get pregnant. Nuts and beans contain a substance called folic acid, and folic acid gives your pregnancy-chance metre a lot of boosts. It might not be a miracle brain boost many claims to be, but it does promote brain health, which is something that you need to get that pregnancy chance upped.

Just be careful about eating too much of them because they can leave you gassy. Nothing bad, but if you did get pregnant, you do not want to have that much gas in your stomach.

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Strawberries if you like it red and orange if you like it orange

Contained within these two colourful fruits are folic acid, and in case you have not got our point from reading the exposition below, you can try rereading it. They are very easy to turn into something delicious, but you can also eat them for what they are.

Cheese, mozzarella is preferable

Cheese types are abundant, but we stick to Mozzarella because it is one of the best cheeses when it comes to calcium count. Not only it is high in calcium, which you will surely need if you are trying to conceive, it is tasty to eat, too.

Yes, you can eat authentic pizza. And no, you can only eat authentic Italian pizza, not those greasy pizzas you can find in food joints. Even better if you can find a pizza recipe and make your own sans the grease, the meat, and everything else unhealthy.


If you do not like eating greens, then perhaps you might rethink your decision about getting pregnant.

Digression aside, a handful of spinach contains iron, a substance that will make your blood deliver oxygen more efficiently. When your body is working efficiently, doing a lot of things will be much easier, including trying to get pregnant.

We chose spinach because it is the veggie that contains the most iron AND it is also very easy to cook.

Putting the fork down…

These four food items are by no mean all of the food items that can help you get pregnant. They are but a handful of foods in that category, but we believe that these four are the foods that are very easy to process. Even if you cannot cook, you can just eat all of them on their own.

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After the read, we hope you have widened your view on the best way to get pregnant, folks.

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