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The Brief Answer of How Can You Get Diabetes

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Diabetes changes your life drastically. You have to be selective in choosing food and control your eating habit. If you take the wrong foods, it gives a significant impact on your blood sugar level. As a result, it makes you feel unhealthy and even it triggers a different type of serious diseases. So, before it’s too late, you need to learn how can you get diabetes and try to avoid it.

External Factors

The bad news is you might be a diabetes sufferer because of your gen. If there is one of your family members was suffered from diabetes, especially your parent, you also have a chance to be the one with diabetes. Despite the cause of diabetes, you still have to keep your health to lower the risk. You may start eating healthy foods and doing workout regularly. Just keep away from anything which can cause diabetes. You may go to the doctor and check your health as well as get more information about the way to prevent diabetes.

Internal Factors

So, how can you get diabetes if it is not coming from the external factors? Actually, it might be because of your lifestyle. For example, the cause of type 1 diabetes is because you often eat unhealthy foods. Some of the foods might contain chemical toxins. Those toxins give impact to the work of your immune system. In this case, your immune system tries to destroy the cells in the pancreas. As a result, your body is unable to produce insulin in which it has an important role to manage your glucose. On the other hand, people with obesity or overweight problem have a bigger risk to suffer from type 2 diabetes. This is also because you often do the wrong or unhealthy diet. People who love to drink alcohol and smoke are also suffered from type 2 diabetes. Based on the explanation, the key to prevent diabetes is by changing the unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

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Other Factors

There are also several conditions which can cause diabetes. People who are suffered from pancreatitis or pancreatectomy have a higher risk to be a diabetes sufferer. A specific syndrome such as PCOS or Polycystic Overy Syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome is believed as the cause of diabetes. PCOS is linked to the obesity problem in which an overweight problem is also the cause of diabetes. People with Cushing’s syndrome have a higher level of cortisol hormone. Because your body has a high level of cortisol hormone, it means you also have high blood sugar level. Having too high cortisol hormone can cause diabetes. What you have to do is visiting the doctor and finding out the best medical treatment to cause and stabilize the blood sugar level.

The point, there are several factors which can cause diabetes. One of them can be the cause of how can you get diabetes. The best way is to keep your health and try to keep away from everything which can cause diabetes. If it is because of your health condition, you can go to the doctor right away to get the best treatment and prevention.

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