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The Correlation Between Back Pain and Heart Attack

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Most people don’t really care about their back pain problem. They thought that back pain is an ordinary health problem because they don’t do exercise and sit all day long. Nowadays, you have to check your health condition, especially if you are often suffered from back pain. Based on the research it is found that there is a correlation between back pain and heart attack. Just read the information below carefully to find a clear answer.

The Causes of Back Pain

Before finding the answer between back pain and heart attack, you must know the causes of back pain from a different perspective. Let say, you have experienced a specific injury and it can cause back pain such as back muscle spasm, sprain, or strain. There is also a condition that you have a problem with your spinal discs are breakdown and it also the cause of back pain. Another cause of back pain is osteoporosis in which it is the condition where your bones become thin. You are also suffered from back pain because of a problem known as spinal stenosis. This is a condition where there is a narrow space around your spinal cord which causes painful nerve compression.

The Correlation between Back Pain and Heart Attack

The good news, those causes above is not too dangerous. You might be worried if your back pain is correlated with a heart attack. Actually, is there any correlation between back pain and heart attack? Yes! The condition can’t be separated with the cause of a heart attack. A heart attack is commonly caused by a blood clot. This blood clot gives a significant impact on the arteries. Because there is a problem in the arteries, it blocks the blood flow to the heart muscle. As a result, your heart muscle is running out of blood and oxygen supply. This condition triggers a painful in a specific area. Commonly, you feel pain in the right, left, or center of your chest. Furthermore, you feel pain in the upper boy including your back. It seems that you feel pain in your back without any specific reason. Even, there is a possibility that you feel the pain in the chest and back at the same time. The worse is that there is also a case that there is no chest pain at all but you feel back pain. When you go to the doctor, you are diagnosed as a heart attack sufferer. This condition is commonly experienced by women.

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The Right Time to Find a Help

When you feel something wrong with your health, you need to find help right away including if you are suffered from a heart attack. Just find help if you feel chest pain or back pain, stomachache, cold sweat, shortness of breath, and fainting. The most common sign is pain which spread from your chest to the upper body including back, shoulder, arm, neck, and jaw.

From the explanation above, you can conclude that there is a significant correlation between back pain and heart attack. So, just be careful and always check your health regularly including if you are suffered from back pain without any specific reason.

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