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The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy You Should Be On the Lookout For

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Wondering what are the earliest signs of pregnancy? If you do, then this article will provide you with the answer, dear curious souls. Below we got the several signs that will pop up early in your pregnancy. These signs usually come out when you are still in the first week of being pregnant (which is also the week where you will be confused as heck about the truth of your pregnancy). Below are the signs to look for:

Bleeding by your vagina

Firstly, your vagina will bleed. When you are in your first week of pregnancy, your uterus will proceed to shed the remaining unfertilized egg within your body. Because of this, your vagina will bleed and you will experience the same kind of feeling as when you got your menstruation.

That reason is what makes it particularly hard to distinguish pregnancy-induced vaginal bleeding and regular menstruation. Some women are not fortunate enough to have their pregnancy-caused vaginal bleeding outside their designated menstruation date, which only adds to the whole confusion.

Back pain, especially in the lower part of your back

Again, something that is very hard to distinguish with ordinary menstruation. When you menstruate, your uterus will contract, and that contraction will mostly cause you pain. Because your uterus is located near to your lower back, it is expected for you to have lower back pain.

For the gentlemen who do not know how lower back pain feels, it feels like getting your muscle pulled. Not pleasant at all, yes?

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Mood swings (to the wrong way)

Mood swings are not something that should be easily taken. They can be very hard to fight when you are experiencing one. One time you are as happy as a boy who just met Santa, and the next time you are happy as a boy who found out that Santa is not real (as in, not happy at all). The swing can also happen very quickly.

You will also find yourself getting irritated at the smallest things in life. Someone does not lower the toilet seats after they are done with it? Irritated! Someone breathes? Irritated! Does someone mention your name? i-r-r-i-t-a-t-e-d.

Constant headache

In case you wondered why we put a lot of things that you can experience when you are just getting your ordinary menstruation, the answer is simple: when you are in your first week of your pregnancy, the obvious pregnancy signs would not come up. Instead of the obvious signs, you will get signs that can often show themselves when you are not pregnant. The hormones have not changed too much, hence why you would not see the usual pregnancy signs and instead find signs that are considered common for ladies in their menstruation period.

Like constant headache, amongst others.

Flatulence and farting

Flatulence can happen because of a lot of things. It can happen because you ate gassy foods. It can happen because you stand too much in windy areas. It can also happen because you are pregnant.

Whatever the causes, this flatulence will be accompanied by lots of farting. If you are not okay about farting in public, then you need to keep watch because the chance of you farting will be upped an ante if you are pregnant. Not the most dependable when we are talking about the earliest signs of pregnancy, but one that can occur.

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