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The first few symptoms of pregnancy every woman should know

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Know and detect the first few symptoms of pregnancy will help you to confirm your pregnancy.  These of classic pregnancy symptom are appearing in the first trimester and sometimes many women are struggling hard in this stage.

Classic early pregnancy symptoms

  •    Missed period. This classic signs that most common use and first to notice. If you have childbearing for over years or have passed the period without the start from the expected menstrual then it perhaps you are pregnant. However, if you have already irregular menstrual cycle, then the missed period can be misleading to know only from the missed period to know the pregnancy.
  •    Nausea that accompanies with or without vomiting.  This condition is also known as morning sickness where it can strike to any time at day or night. However, there also some women that never experience it or experience this in early. This feeling often appears in the early first month of your pregnancy.
  •    Fatigue. Fatigue also other symptom that high rank experienced by pregnant women in first few weeks stage.
  •    Urination frequency. Most pregnant women experience more frequent urination. The blood amount in your body is increasing and it causes the kidney to process more fluids that will end up in the bladder. This can cause the urination feeling more often.
  •    Breast that feels tender and swollen. The hormonal changes in the earlier pregnancy stage can also lead your breast to feel swollen and tender.

Other symptom and signs of pregnancy in the early stage

Other of the symptom and signs above, there is some symptom that women can experience in their first-trimester pregnancy.

  •    Moodiness. Because of hormonal changes in their system, most the pregnant women can experience the mood swings.
  •    Cramping. Some of the pregnant women experience the sensation of mild cramping in early of pregnancy.
  •    Food aversions. When women get pregnant, they sometimes become more sensitive to certain foods or smell of taste.
  •    Nasal congestion.
  •    Bloating.  The hormonal changes also can lead pregnant women to feel the bloated, the same such as the sense when you start the period of menstruation.
  •    Constipation.  The changes in hormone level also sometimes cause slowing digestive system that can lead to constipation.
  •    Light spotting.  Sometimes, light spotting also becomes one of the first noticeable signs of pregnancy. This is also known as implantation bleeding that happens when the egg that fertilized with sperm attached to the uterus lining wall. The implantation bleeding occurs around the menstrual period. However, not of pregnant women experience this bleeding.
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How to know if you really pregnant?

Unfortunately, many of these signs and symptoms above not all uniquely related to pregnancy. Some can be a clear indication if you are pregnant and some can be an indication of your sickness or when your period starts. Still, the missing period and some of these conditions can be a sign for you to take a pregnancy test to ensure you.  If the result positive, you can ask consultation with your doctor and make a recommendation on how to treat the first few symptoms of pregnancy.

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