When a woman is pregnant

The risk and complication when a woman is pregnant

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When a woman is pregnant, there is a potential risk and complication of health due to the development and change of their body and hormone. The complications are a health problem that occurs in pregnancy period. The complication can involve the mother’s health, the baby’s health, or both of them.

Common complication risk when women pregnant

There are many causes of health problem due to pregnancy complications. Some women that have already health problem before they get pregnant it can lead to a health complication. Some others are experiencing a health problem when pregnancy arises.

  • High blood pressure.  High blood pressure is also called with hypertension that occurs when the arteries carrying the blood from the heart to the body organs get narrowed.
  • Gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a condition of women that do not have diabetes before their pregnancy and their diabetes is developing during their pregnancy. Manage your gestational diabetes should be followed with the treatment plan recommended by the health care provider. If this diabetes cannot control, this can lead to high blood pressure called preeclampsia and have a large infant that can increase the cesarean surgery risk.
  • Preterm labor. This is a term of labor that begins before 37 weeks of pregnancy. An infant that birth before 37 weeks will lead to an increased risk of health problem.
  • Infections. Infections during pregnancy may occur during the pregnancy, and/or the process of delivery and it may lead to further complications for women who pregnant.
  • Preeclampsia. This is a serious medical condition that can imply to the preterm delivery and death.
  • Miscarriage. Miscarriage is a condition when women get pregnancy loss from natural causes before the 20 weeks.
  • Stillbirth. This is a condition when the pregnancy loss after 2o weeks.
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How to reduce risk when a woman gets pregnant

There are some treatment and healthy habit that pregnant women can do to prevent complication when they are pregnant.

  • Keep active in physical. Being active will maintain the generally healthy and the body weight that also leads to easier help for labor and baby delivery process.
  • Avoid getting excessive weight gain. It is normal for pregnant women to get weight gain but remember to keep it in control. There is a limit weight gain that necessarily depends on the weight. For example, women with obesity should not gain a large weight gain amounts during their pregnancy. Ask your doctor on how much the weight gain tolerate depend on your body.
  • Avoid smoke from tobacco.
  • Take vitamins and supplements as your doctor recommended.
  • Follow a healthy balanced diet. Ask the consultation or you can make your own balance diet that enriched with fruits, vegetable, and the whole grains.
  • Get more fluids at least 2 liters of water.

It is important when a woman is pregnant to keep her healthy to prevent the possibility of the complication of risks. Ask consultation with your doctor to get the best health tips and treatment that work well with your health condition. Ask the doctor to give any recommendation related to the delivery and takeaway after your birth to prevent the next complication.

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