The Secrets of Health Tips for Women that People Rarely Know

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Hobbies are Health Tips for Women, the Most Fun to Do

Want to live happier and healthier? It’s good that we take the time to think of ourselves occasionally before thinking about other things or other people. Our health tips for women this time will reveal the secrets behind a hobby that turns out to have a very positive impact on our health and happiness. Let’s continue reading.

A study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine journal found that 34% of people who do activities or hobbies that they like have a better immune system and a stronger and more stable heart resistance compared to those who don’t do the activities they like. In addition, people who do activities based on interest have peace of mind and action in a relatively much longer period of time.

Some of the benefits that we can get if we routinely do hobbies that we really like include:

Give satisfaction and freedom

If we do an assignment under pressure and strict supervision, of course, it will at least make us more careful and alert, right? unlike the case of doing hobbies that we like. Although let’s say the activities we do are both making an article, but it will feel far different if we make the article because we honestly love writing, instead of because we are pursued by deadlines.

Satisfaction and freedom that comes from the hobbies that are channeled can make our body healthier and the mind becomes happier.

Time to socialize

By running a hobby that we like, there is a possibility that we will be more introduced to the existence of new communities, new atmosphere, new peers, a new passion which all have a positive impact on our lives. We will be more eager to go through day after day because there will be something new challenges that could be an opportunity for us to get the updated knowledge of socializing with the community.

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Hobbies can turn stress into useful

What is meant here is stress that has a positive impact on us. If what we have known so far is that the effects of stress are always negative to the body or better known as distress. On the other side, the stress that makes us more comfortable is eustress. Where at this stage the body has a sense of stress but the mind likes it very much. The concrete example is like when you swim, you target yourself to be able to take a 100m track, even though you feel a bit burdened to be able to do it but inside you feel happy, no matter how long it takes, or feel burdened of the speed scale by the coach.

Allow leisure time

By doing a hobby, we will momentarily be able to have free time for ourselves without having to think about a pile of tasks that must be done immediately. For some people doing a hobby is an impossibility. But believe me, when we put hobbies as one of the priorities in our life, that our time must provide, we will be much more relaxed. This will lead our health and happiness increase.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s do our hobbies from now on. This is one of the secrets of health tips for women that people rarely know.

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