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The Symptoms of Type i Diabetes Mellitus

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If the doctor said that there is a problem with your immune system in which the immune system destroys beta cells in your pancreas it means you are suffered from type i diabetes mellitus. You have to remain calm and learn anything about this disease. You have to learn the cause, symptoms, and treatment.


If you are suffered from type i diabetes mellitus it means that the sugar level in your body is too high. When it is happening to you, you want to pee more than before. Without proper medical treatment, you will lose plenty of liquid in your body and it leads to dehydration. This is because the water in your body goes out when you are urinating. So, just be careful if you want to pee over and over again because it might be the early symptom of diabetes. Go to the doctor right away before suffering from dehydration.

Weight Loss

Your pee contains glucose and calories. The more glucose and calories go out from your body through pee, you will be suffered from significant weight loss without any specific reason. You also need to treat your dehydration problem right away because people who are always dehydration will also lose their weight significantly.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis or DKA

DKA happens when your body doesn’t have enough glucose. As a result, you feel that you don’t have energy. In this condition, your body will break down fat cells and create specific chemical known as ketones. Your liver is also released sugar to help but the problem is that your body can’t produce insulin. As a result, your body contains too much glucose, dehydration, and acidic. This condition is known as DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis. You have to go to the doctor right away to get treatment because it is a dangerous condition and even life-threatening.

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Health Problems

High level of glucose in the body is very dangerous. This condition is able to harm your nerves and small blood vessels. There is a possibility that you will have a problem with your eyes, kidneys, and heart. Moreover, this condition is able to harden your arteries and you are suffered from atherosclerosis. In the next level, the condition triggers serious health problems including heart attacks and strokes.

Thirsty and Dry Mouth

Because you are loosing too much liquid in your body via your urine, you are dehydrated. In this condition, you feel thirsty all the time although you have drunk plenty of water. At the same time, because there is enough liquid level in your body it gives effects to the parts of your body including your mouth. During the condition, your mouth is dry and it is uncomfortable.

You have to go to the doctor for a medical checkup to know your real health condition. You might feel some of the symptoms above but it doesn’t mean that you are suffered from type i diabetes mellitus. The most important thing, you need to be careful and keep your health and be sensitive with your health condition, especially if there is something wrong to your health.

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