The Things That May Change the Stage 4 Breast Cancer Life Expectancy

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Perhaps, you are wondering about the stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy and searching more information about it. It cannot be denied that breast cancer is one of the scariest cancers and known as one of most common cancer to cause death. When the breast cancer reaches stage 4, it is referred as metastatic breast cancer. At this stage, cancer has spread wider beyond the breast tissue.

According to the studies by American Cancer Society, the survival rate for metastatic breast cancer is around 22%. This is a far lower number compared to the 72% stage 3 survival rate or even the over 90% stage 2 survival rate. As you see, the life expectancy for patients of stage 4 breast cancer in a span of 5 years is smaller compared to the earlier stage breast cancers. With that being said, every individual is different.

What Can Be Done to Change the Life Expectancy?

Hope is not lost just because of the low general stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy. It is important to remember that breast cancer affects individuals differently due to different factors (including different subtypes of breast cancer). Therefore, the life expectancy of every person becomes different too. While the life expectancy, in general, is low, some things can be done in order to improve life quality.

The Medical Treatment

It’s important to get professional help to treat the breast cancer. An oncologist will help in developing treatment plan suitable for every patient. The treatment will be aimed at stopping the tumors from growing and spreading further. Depending on the condition’s characteristics and also the medical history, the treatment options will be varied. There might be chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy or even a surgery.

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Healthy Nutritious Diet

Making changes in eating habit can also help in improving the stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy.  It’s important to keep on supplying enough nutrition and keep the body weight at ideal level. For those who have been diagnosed for the hormone-sensitive breast cancer, properly control the body fat will help lowering estrogen level. Thus the probability of recurrence is also reduced.

The doctor will encourage avoiding particular foods such as dairy products, alcohol, and some other foods. A balanced diet with more plant-based foods and low saturated fats is highly recommended. Include leafy green vegetables, whole grains, dark colored produce, and beans. Sometimes, taking supplements is needed as well.

A Few Exercises

Actually, there is no direct relation between the stage 4 breast cancer life expectancy and exercises. However, a little bit of exercise can help to reduce stress, increase energy, improve mood, increase the body strength, losing fats, reduce treatment’s side effects and improve the overall life quality. Consult with a doctor in order to get the best exercise routine.

Fighting a stage 4 breast cancer is not easy. It’s easier to lose motivation while being treated. If you have someone you know who suffer from this condition, be sure to always be there for her to give her motivation to fight and survive. And if you are the one who suffers from this condition, don’t lose your will to fight.

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