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The What and the Why of Farting as One of the Very First Symptoms of Pregnancy (Plus How to Ease Them)

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Farting is one of the very first symptoms of pregnancy. When you are pregnant, there is a chance that you will experience extreme flatulence. When you are having extreme flatulence, it will lead to more constant farting.

That description above is probably what you will be told about when you see farting as one of the symptoms of pregnancy. While it might look comprehensive enough, there are parts of folks who cannot just take things when it is comprehensive. This article will step out of the comprehensive bound and will explain pregnancy farting with a bit more depth to it.

We swear that there would not be a fart joke in here, so if you worry about that, you should not. With that in mind, let us begin with how pregnancy flatulence came to be.

Why does it happen?

In short, hormones.

In long, progesterone. That hormone is the one major causes of excessive gas within your body. When you get pregnant, the bigger the amount of progesterone being produced by your body. The bigger the amount of progesterone, the laxer your muscles will be. This muscle laxness will, in turn, make your intestine more relaxed. When your intestine is more relaxed, the slower the gas will be transported from your tummy to other parts of the body.

Which leads to flatulence, an event where your body holds too much of gas within it. That flatulence will lead to a bloated kind of feeling. When your body is bloated, you will fart more and farting is probably the only thing that can release you from that bloated feeling.

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This kind of thing will keep going until you are no longer pregnant. Do not worry because your farts would not stink, so you can fart away if you want to. Holding it back might be dangerous, too.

So how can you ease the farting?

Easing the farting is very easy. The best thing that you can do is to keep your stomach from being filled with gas all around. Doing this is also very easy, as you only need to fill your stomach with less gassy things. Water or any kind fluid (bar soft drinks, obviously) can help you reduce the intensity of your farting. Even if you keep on farting, you will have a lesser chance of it producing noise if you keep your tummy filled with liquid.

If you for whatever reason despite water, then moving is your best bet of lowering your farting. When you are moving, you are increasing the speed of your digestion. As you have known, a lowered digestion is what causes farting, so what is a better way of preventing farting than to actually increase the speed of your digestive system?

Lastly, try to avoid food that can cause your stomach to gas up. Snacking on nuts and beans can be a very sinful thing to do if you are trying to avoid tummy gas, so avoid eating those two items if you want to exorcise your body of the gas.

To close the case…

We want to say that pregnancy farting, while it might sound like a punch line to an amateur comedian, is real. It can happen to you and it has happened to a lot of folks in the past. It is one of the very first symptoms of pregnancy and something that you often cannot avoid, which means you can only deal with it when the farting comes.

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