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Tips to Get Pregnant Naturally

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Are you waiting to have a baby with your spouse? Sometimes, you have to try harder to get pregnant. There are several things that you have to be concerned when you are planning a pregnancy, including your lifestyle and daily habit. For you who want to quickly get pregnant, you can do pregnancy programs, such as insemination or test-tube baby. But if you want to get pregnant naturally, these tips of how to get pregnant naturally might help you.

Check Your Health Condition to A Doctor

First thing first. When you and your spouse are planning a pregnancy, you must check your health condition to the doctor. The doctor will probably check your body condition and help you to track your fertile time. So that you and your spouse can have sexual intercourse at the right time. The doctor will also help you to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. For example, they will suggest you consume healthy foods or specific supplements, such as folic acid.

Figure Out Your Fertile Time

It is important when you are planning to get pregnant. Without knowing your fertile time, it will be more difficult for you to get pregnant even though you already have sexual intercourses regularly. You must know when the eggs are released inside your body. You have to know that the eggs are normally released once in a month and your fertile time occurs only for a few days. So, you better not miss the opportunity. The fertile time is the best time to have sexual intercourse to increase your chance to quickly and naturally get pregnant.

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You can use mobile applications to know your fertile time. Take a note of your period times every month and the application will help you to track your fertile time.

Have Sexual intercourse Before Going to Bed

Even though there are some sources state that the highest production of sperm is in the morning, but there is no the best time in a day to have sexual intercourse anyway. You can do it anytime, but it will be better if you have sexual intercourse before sleeping so that you are able to lay down after it.

Find A Comfortable Sexual Intercourse Position

The next tip on how to get pregnant naturally is finding a comfortable position of sexual intercourse. You probably have heard that some specific sexual intercourse positions are the best position to get pregnant. You can believe it or not. Because actually, there is not any exact sexual intercourse position to help you quickly get pregnant. The most important thing is finding the most comfortable sexual intercourse position when you are having sex with your spouse.

Keep the Quality and Quantity of Sperm

Sperm is able to fertilize the women’s eggs when it is healthy, strong, and quite a lot. Husbands can increase and improve the quality and quantity of their sperm by changing some habits. First, stop drinking alcohol. Research shows that consuming alcohol can reduce the amount of sperm and testosterone level. Second, stop smoking. It is because smoking can decrease the performance of sperm. Fulfill the needs of nutrients to make healthy sperm. Some nutrients that you need to keep the quality and quantity of sperm are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, folic acid, zinc, and calcium.

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The next is maintaining your ideal body weight. Obesity can reduce the amount of sperm and slow down its movement. And the last is do not take a warm bath too often. Because high temperature can kill sperm. The testicles can function well at the temperature of 34.4ºC to 35.6ºC, below normal body temperature.

Do not Get Stressed

If you really want to have a baby, do not get stressed about this. Stress can disturb your ovulation. So, it will be hard for you to get pregnant if you are too stressed. Plan your pregnancy with relaxing, enjoy your sexual intercourse with your spouse without giving too much thought it will succeed in making you pregnant or not.

Apply A Healthy Lifestyle

When you and your spouse agree to have a baby, it will be better if both of you start to apply a healthy lifestyle. Consuming healthy foods is very helpful if you want to get pregnant quickly and naturally. It will also help you to get a healthy pregnancy. Moreover, regularly working out is also beneficial to get an ideal body weight. So that it can help to increase your fertility. Stop doing bad habits, such as drinking alcohol and smoking, as it is said before. When you decide to stop doing bad habits, you decide to increase your fertility and get pregnant.

Do not Use Lubricants

Do not use lubricants when you are having sexual intercourse is the next tip on how to get pregnant naturally. Using lubricants can inhibit your struggle to get pregnant. It is because lubricants are able to slow sperm down. The formula used in most lubricants can change the pH balance in the vagina and reduce the mobility of sperm. If you need to use lubricants, consult your doctor first and ask them to recommend safe lubricant.

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Consume the Right Carbohydrate

Choosing the right foods to help you to get pregnant is not difficult. You can start by choosing the right carbohydrate kinds as your main daily menu. It will be better if you choose carbohydrate that contains a low glycemic index and high fibers, such as brown rice and wheat bread. This kind of carbohydrate can help you to stabilize your blood sugar and keep your insulin level stays normal. If you choose carbohydrate that has a high glycemic index, your blood sugar will increase so that your insulin level is not normal. Too much insulin in the body can disturb the work of hormones that can result in decreased fertility.

Those are the tips of how to get pregnant naturally that you can follow. Every woman needs a different time to get pregnant. So, be patient while doing your best. Consume supplements and multivitamins to support your pregnancy planning.

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