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What you expect in your pregnancy week by week

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If you are new pregnant women, you may wonder to know to develop your pregnancy week by week. The pregnancy is an awesome health development that becomes blessed for any women.

First trimester week

In your first trimester, you are in the early journey of your pregnancy week by week development stage. The pregnancy symptom from week to week can be varied for different women. In this phase, you will meet with the morning sickness and exhaustion.

  •    Week 1-3 pregnancy. In this week, your body is starting to ovulation process and prepare for the fertilization.
  •    Week 4-6 pregnancy. In this week, the baby size is growing such as orange seed. When sperm meets with the egg, the fertilization occurs and your baby will take form into a tiny group of the cell. This week is the implantation time.
  •    Week 7-9 pregnancy. The blastocyst will burrow into the uterine lining and then will split form to the placenta and the embryo will develop as the specialized parts of your baby body parts. In week 9, the baby also develops muscle.
  •    Week 10-13 pregnancy. The baby size looks like the orange seed. The system of circulation and heart start developing and the HCG level in your body wills high enough so it will confirm you are pregnant with the pregnancy test. The baby will start to shape the face and the mother will start to get more frequent urination.

Second trimester

  •    Week 14-16 week. In this second trimester of your pregnancy week by week the baby size is such as the navel size. The hair will start to sprout in the head, eyebrows, and in the body. Sometimes, you can feel the weak kick of the legs and elbow.
  •    Week 17-19 week. The baby size is such as the hand palm. The eyesight and eye system develop rapidly.
  •    Week 20-23 pregnancy. The baby size such as the sweet potato and you can start to feel when your baby moves inside.
  •    Week 24-27 pregnancy.  Wonder infant boy or girl? In this week, you can find out from the ultrasound. The belly starts really popping out.
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Third-trimester pregnancy

  •    Week 28-29 pregnancy. The baby size is in cucumber size. Your baby starts to sense coughing, blinking and more.
  •    Week 30-31 pregnancy. The baby’s brain gets smarter and the mother may experience with the heartburn pain. As the baby size grows, the room for mother’s breathing decreased.
  •    Week 32-33. The baby learns a skill for breathing and sucking. You may experience with Braxton Hicks contraction in the uterus. The baby immune system also gets boosted.
  •    Week 34-36. The mommy’s bladder gets more pressure as the baby’s brains grow rapidly and the baby head weigh more.
  •    Week 37-39. Your baby starts to prepare birth by breathing, sucking and turning in the womb. Mommy also starts to produce colostrum.
  •    Week 40-42.  It is officially the end of your pregnancy. Most babies have their time to deliver.

After you read the development of your pregnancy week by week below, you can start to wonder and consult to stimulate the development from the outside by taking right supplement and vitamin that support the pregnancy depend to the week.

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