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What You Must Know about History of Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer becomes one of the deadly diseases. This cancer is commonly attacks women. This article explains the history of breast cancer and everything you must know about it. By learning a little bit about this cancer, you know what to do to prevent or treat cancer. The most important thing, you know how to keep away from breast cancer.

The First Breast Cancer Case

Breast cancer has been known for a long time ago. It was known that the first breast cancer case found in 3.000-2.500 B.C.E just like the information described by the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus. There were also several breast cancer cases such as in the first century A.D where doctors made surgery to destroy tumors. There were also breast cancer cases in the beginning of the middle ages.

The Way Cancer Growth in Breast

After learning a little bit about the history of breast cancer, you also need to learn more about the way the cancer growth in the breast. It starts with the process where your body wants to produce new cells including your breast. This process is to replace the damage or replace the old one. In the process, the cells need to copy the DNA. The DNA has perfectly copied by the cells when they are split. If it is not, the cells die. The problem happens if the incomplete cells grow and it means you are having cells with mistakes. This condition can cause a condition namely a cell mutation in which the cells behave strangely. For example, the cells split into abnormal cells and it grows faster. After a few times, those cells become a tumor. The tumor turns into cancer if the cells invade the tissues around the cells. This is called a cancerous condition. The earlier you treat breast cancer the better because. If you let cancer grow and spread without any treatment, it can be life-threatening.

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The Dangerous of Breast Cancer

When the tumor starts to become cancerous, cancer will take over the tissues around the breast. The worse condition if the cancer cells break and enter the blood or lymph vessels. After that, the cancer cells stay in the other areas of your breast to form a new tumor. The new tumor is known as secondary breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment

You have to consult the doctor to know your latest health condition as well as the growth of breast cancer. Then, the doctor will give you some medical treatments based on your health condition. The treatment is used to control the disease and slow the growth and spread of cancer. If the cancer is still in the earlier stage, there is a possibility that you can free from it.

Now, you know a little bit about the history of breast cancer as well as the way breast cancer grows and spread. Moreover, you also learn about the way to treat breast cancer. At least, you know what you have to do if you feel something wrong in your breast.

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